Libya’s Foreign Minister reiterated: The liberation of mercenaries is our top priority

Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al-Manqoush said her country was experiencing a new reality through a unified executive, die their responsibility for die Promoting peace, die Resolving differences through dialogue and die Prepare for the upcoming elections.

Al-Manqush emphasized in Declarations this Tuesday also that die Achieving national reconciliation and die Removal of foreign troops and mercenaries was a top priority for the government.

“We are not a rule for anyone”

The Libyan minister had in the past repeatedly stressed that their country would neither formally nor de facto be a backbone for support die Security and stability in destabilize the region, and its lands and airspaces would not be a base for any party or country. except the Libyan state.

Since her call to repeal the agreement signed with Ankara and withdraw her troops from the country, she has also faced violent attacks by the Brotherhood in Libya and its loyal militias exposed.

The acts of foreign presence and mercenaries constitutes a matter of dispute between some Libyan parties, though die Government has announced its approval of their exit more than once, like in many dialogues previously held under the auspices of the United States have reached nations.

Turkish Defense Minister: Our armed forces are not alien

The Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said a few days ago during a surprise visit that he paid to Maitika Airport without the knowledge of the Libyan authorities that die Armed forces of his country in Libya is “not a foreign armed forces”, as he described it.

Libya’s Foreign Minister reiterated: The liberation of mercenaries is our top priority

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar (Archive – Reuters)

He also confirmed that die Turkish armed forces carried out military, training and advisory activities in the country and accused the “Libyan army and its supporters”, die to have caused the Libyan crisis.

It is noteworthy that die According to the Syrian Observatory, the Turkish government sent 380 mercenaries to Tripoli on March 8, while more than 6,630 are still on Libyan soil.

According to the observatory, there appears to be Turkish intentions, Syrian factions in To keep Libya loyal to protect Turkish bases.

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