Lies of P: A Promising Game Inspired by Bloodborne and Pinocchio

Lies of P: A Potential Rival to Souls-like Games?

Expected for the month of August, the game Lies of P made a surprise appearance at Summer Game Fest on Thursday night. Through a new trailer, the South Korean developers of Round8 Studio gave news of their title. They pushed back the release of their game slightly to polish it, while announcing a version demo playable for free on PC but also PlayStation and Xbox. What to get a little idea about the ambition of the studio but also on its potential weapons. Is there enough to shake up the hegemony of Souls-like posed by From Software from which it is inspired? First elements answered in this article.

Pinocchio the survivor

Because yes, hard not to compare Lies of P to a “Bloodborne crossed with Pinocchio“. The player embodies the latter and must find Geppetto son Creator. He must wander through the fictional town of Krat, which has fallen into the hands of puppets who want to fight it out. To repel their assaults, Pinocchio can rely on different weapons and weapon handles: foil, truncheon… He has a normal blow and a charged blow, can dodge enemy attacks using roll, use different objects or even use the powers linked to each weapon/weapon handle combination.

On paper, therefore, everything is comparable to FromSoftware’s games. With a few details that will probably make the difference, such as the degree of finish. For now, Lies of P fishes a little on this side: the collision system is not very developed and it arrive very quickly than theon Takes hits with the firm impression of not having been hit by enemy movement. A big pitfall for this kind of games whicharrive however not to remove the excellent puppet slicing feelings. The dose of challenge is present and a majority of players will have to try it several times before passing certain fights.

A very present atmosphere

Besides fighting, Lies of P recalls From Soft’ by its direction artistic. It’s hard not to see the Bloodborne resemblances in the gothic features of Krat Town. This one enjoys a certain verticality of which on has fun exploring every nook and cranny. Shortcuts can be hidden everywhere and it must be recognized that it is easier to enjoy exploration once unlocked. All the streets are alike and the level-design does not shine one way or another: despite the possibility of teleporting between places already visited, on quickly lose son path.

This direction dark artistry is employed by Round8 Studio to deliver their version mature from the tale of Pinocchio. A story for children known to all that the studio deliberately chosen for its notoriety. The wooden puppet is best known for having a long nose when lying: a characteristic taken up for Lies of P which does not show son potential in the demo. On paper, lying can give rise to several branching points for the story, but that was not the case here: deceiving son interlocutor is essential if theon wants to continue the rest of the adventure.

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