Lies of P Review: A Polished Soulslike Action RPG with Clever Twists and an Eerie Familiarity

Lies of P: A Soulslike RPG with Mechanical Charm

Lies of P 2

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Soulslikes, Soulsbornes, recursive action RPGs… who knows what they’re called anymore, but any doubts that FromSoftware’s world-conquering formula could become a fully-established gaming genre have long since been dispelled. We’re awash with everything from 2D indie offerings to big budget rip-offs, and now South Korean developer Neowiz joins the fray with something that’s somewhere in the middle: a ‘double A’ Souls clone with some clever parlour tricks and a gleam in its clockwork eyeball.

Soulful Inspiration

Lies of P is a soulslike action RPG loosely inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio. Tempting as it may be to make robot metaphors when discussing a game about malfunctioning mechanical puppets, Lies of P proves to be as polished as a state-of-the-art machine, with surprising depth beneath the surface.

Familiar but Fascinating

Lies of P immediately draws comparisons to the renowned FromSoftware canon, with hints of Bloodborne, Sekiro, and more. The game’s combat, at a silky smooth 60fps, feels akin to Bloodborne, while presenting clanking steampunk automatons in lieu of ghouls and werewolves. The addition of Sekiro’s parry system adds a fresh twist to the slash-and-dodge mechanics. The city of Krat, the game’s beautifully-realized setting, recalls the haunting atmosphere of Yharnam, albeit with a touch more polish.

A Unique Shine

While Lies of P shares many similarities with its influences, it shines brightest when Neowiz takes risks and showcases their own creative vision. For example, the grinding mechanic brings a unique twist to combat, as players must maintain their weapon’s sharpness mid-battle to prevent it from becoming dull and ineffective. Additionally, the option to dismantle weapons and combine different handles with distinct blades allows for more personalized customization.

The lying mechanic, although simple in nature, offers intriguing side quest outcomes and collectible vinyl records that provide a refreshing change of pace. These elements, combined with sustained high quality throughout the game and memorable boss encounters, create a captivating experience that keeps players engaged.

A Challenge for the Determined

Lies of P’s difficulty curve becomes increasingly steep as the game progresses. Depending on playstyle, some battles may prove extremely challenging, while others may feel more manageable. The summon mechanic allows players to request NPC assistance during tough fights, providing support when needed. Despite the absence of a multiplayer mode, the game’s ability to offer an enjoyable and lasting experience after completion is a testament to its Soulslike nature.

A Recommendation with Reservations

In conclusion, Lies of P successfully delivers a haunting and grueling experience for those seeking a Soulsborne fix. Neowiz has crafted a game that stands as a credible facsimile of its predecessors, yet one can’t help but wish for more originality and bravery. With a bit more courage, Lies of P could have truly stood on its own two feet. Nevertheless, it remains a peculiar and beautiful game that comes highly recommended.

Verdict: 4/5

This game was reviewed by Jon Richter, writer of dark fiction and co-host of the Dark Natter and Hosts In The Shell podcasts. To learn more about Jon Richter and his work, visit his website at or follow him on Twitter @RichterWrites and Instagram @jonrichterwrites.

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