Likewise: Russia expelled 20 Czech diplomats

Russia announced on Sunday that 20 employees of the Czech embassy in Moscow is considered a “persona non grata” and must leave the country by the end of the day on Monday.

The announcement by the Russian Foreign Ministry came after the Czech ambassador was convened in Moscow, Vetislav Pivonka.

On the previous Sunday, Russia had promised to take countermeasures after die Czechs had expelled 18 Russian diplomats, die accused it of espionage.

“The ambassador of the Czech Republic was called and we kept him informed of our protest against the aggressive behavior of the Czech authorities towards the staff of the Russian diplomatic mission in Prague, “they say in the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The statement added: “Pivonka has been informed that 20 employees of the Czech embassy in Moscow were viewed as a persona non grata and must leave our territory before the end of April 19, 2021. “

Quit on Saturday die Czech authorities die Expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats, die According to the Czech secret service, they were involved in the sabotage of an ammunition shop, in which two people were killed in 2014.

Czech police also said they are looking for two Russians involved in this explosion whose identities match that of the suspects, die Tried Sergey Skripal 2018 in Poisoning Salisbury, UK, with Novichok gas, namely Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bouchirov.

For its part, Moscow said: “We can in in this case only see an impact on the United States. “

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday: “Um die United States in connection with recent US sanctions against Russia have to satisfy die Czech authorities even bypassed their masters abroad in this regard. “

Quit this week die United States die Impose sanctions and die Expulsion of ten Russian diplomats in response to what Washington deemed Russian interference in die Watched US elections, a widespread cyberattack, and other counter-terrorism activities.

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