Lindsey Vonn also asks Fiance P.K. Subban will marry his months after his first proposal – Discover his ring!

2020 is fast approaching, so why should only the bride-to-be receive a ring? There was someone who thought it would be fair if the fiance was so bling – Lindsey Vonn!

The Olympic skier proposed to her man, P.K. Subban, at Christmas and took advantage of social media to share the sweet moment.

You can even take a look at his fashionable and totally manly ring that he proudly presented in a photo. It is special?

She and the hockey player have already been engaged for four months since he already asked the big question.

That said, Lindsey obviously thought it was her turn to return the favor.

In addition to a few photos, the woman wrote: “Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone !! On our 2 year anniversary, I returned the favor and asked PK to marry me… and he said yes ☺️. We talk about equality, but actions speak louder than words. Men should also receive engagement rings and that is what PK deserves. I can’t wait to marry you baby ❤️???? # merrychristmas # happyanniversary # equality # raisethebar. ‘

Subban really looked at the unexpected present, posing for the camera with the thick silver band which also featured a rectangular black stone on his finger.

He captioned the shot with “Drip drip”.

As mentioned earlier, they have been engaged since August when the man first proposed, with an emerald candle.

At the time, Vonnc spoke with ET about the engagement, telling the media that “I had no idea. He sort of cheated on me and said we might be out for another 10 years. I say to myself “What?” So I had no idea. “


Congratulations on the right engagement!

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