Lisa McGee’s New Comedy Thriller ‘How to Get to Heaven From Belfast’ Coming to Channel 4

Introducing “How to Get to Heaven From Belfast” – A Comedy Thriller by Lisa McGee

Channel 4 has disclosed its partnership with Lisa McGee, the acclaimed creator of “Derry Girls,” for her latest project, “How to Get to Heaven From Belfast.” This comedic thriller is expected to fascinate viewers with its compelling narrative and distinctive characters.

Meet Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara – The Protagonists in Their Late 30s

Lisa McGee’s “How to Get to Heaven From Belfast” is a TV show that follows the lives of Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara, three friends in their late 30s. Saoirse, a writer, struggles with self-destructive tendencies, while Robyn, a mother of three boys, frequently uses profanity to cope with stress. Dara, on the other hand, is a full-time caregiver to her elderly parent and still lives in her teenage bedroom.

Uncovering a Dark and Twisted Mystery with the Demise of Greta

Upon receiving an email informing them of their former classmate Greta’s death, the trio’s interest is piqued. They make the decision to attend Greta’s wake, with a sense of unresolved matters lingering. However, what unfolds is a complex tangle of deception and mystery, drawing them into a shadowy secret. Though fear takes hold, the unknown holds a certain allure, leading them further into the enigma.

Lisa McGee's New Comedy Thriller 'How to Get to Heaven From Belfast' Coming to Channel 4

Channel 4 and Hat Trick Productions Join Forces

The project titled “How to Get to Heaven From Belfast” has been commissioned by Charlie Perkins, who is in charge of Channel 4’s comedy department. The project will involve a collaboration between the network’s comedy and drama departments. Hat Trick Productions has been delegated the responsibility of producing the series, while Caroline Leddy and Liz Lewin from “Derry Girls” will serve as executive producers alongside Jimmy Mulville.

An Exciting Venture for Lisa McGee

Lisa McGee, an acclaimed producer, expressed her gratitude towards Channel 4 and Hat Trick Productions for the opportunity to create another show. She has long desired to produce a comedy thriller based in Northern Ireland and is thrilled to finally do so. The show will feature complex female characters with unique personalities that will captivate the audience.

Channel 4 Delighted to Welcome “How to Get to Heaven From Belfast”

Charlie Perkins, as the representative of Channel 4, expresses his pride in being the “spiritual home” for the remarkable show, “Derry Girls.” He admires the creative team, consisting of Lisa, Liz, Caroline, and their collaborators at Hat Trick Productions, and anticipates the opportunity to bring Lisa’s captivating world to life. The main objective is to entertain both existing fans and new audiences, and with the expertise of the team, this goal is expected to be achieved effortlessly.

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