Little Darth Vader and Stormtroopers go on a Christmas mission in a beautifully decorated Twitter thread

A series of carefully constructed photographs of the house tells the illustrated story of a group of stormtroopers, led by Darth Vader himself. They unusually celebrate Christmas, even by Star Wars standards.

The photos reappeared on a Twitter thread led by user @lucysaunderspr: “& it’s time again . a long thread, I’m afraid, but it’s worth it.” Phil Shearer and his son Kyle first installed Hasbro 12-inch action figures in 2015, when their project went viral and reappeared on Christmas Day 2021.

The series begins with a pair of Stormtrooper workers looking for a place and then carrying supplies to assemble a Christmas tree with a decorative base. Each of the figures from Shearer’s collection is carefully placed to create the impression that they are making conscious movements and gestures.

In the beginning, in the background, one can see the secondary flaws in the story as one of the soldiers takes off his helmet to relax, and the following pictures show that a guard is being punished. There is also an unlucky incident involving a fork and a metal bottom.

At some point, a small dog comes to the rescue, just the right size, to create a practical outfit reminiscent of the exotic wildlife that keeps popping up in every Star Wars movie.

Towards the end of the thread, Darth Vader joins the task force, of course as a supervisor, but he seems satisfied with the job. The tree has been successfully installed, and in all likelihood, Stormtroopers will move on to their next service.

While the role of Stormtroopers in the Star Wars media is generally sleek, the unfortunate surrender and inability to effectively direct their weapons can give them a tone of humor. They may not be the most talented soldiers out there, but they look great for holiday fun

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