Liverpool are approaching the European final and Klopp puts up in guard against complacency

London: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that his side have still not achieved anything, despite a 2-0 win over Villarreal in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, which gives Liverpool a clear advantage before taking on return next week in Spain. The result does not reflect the progress of the match, which was dominated by Liverpool from start to finish, in an easier game than expected for Jurgen Klopp’s team. But the first half ended goalless, even if it saw 12 attempts in Door of Liverpool, before the English took victory in just 133 seconds. Liverpool advanced on a reverse goal after a Jordan Henderson pass mistakenly overturned Pervis Estopinan’s goal in his side’s Villarreal goal in the 53rd minute and two minutes later, Senegalese forward Sadio Mane scored. the second goal. Liverpool have achieved nine wins in the current Champions League edition, a record for the team, and equaled the record for the number of wins in one season, scoring his 43rd victory, as he did in the 2019/2020 season. But Klopp won’t allow his players to compromise in the team’s campaign to win four titles in this season in an unprecedented result. “It’s a dangerous result, how much work remains to be done?” Said Klopp. We still have to finish all the work, nothing has happened yet. “He added:” To bring in 2-0 advantage at the end of the first half, you have to be in the ideal mood and play the second half as we played the first. “He explained:” What I also like is that we fight with everything we have, it always goes like this, if they beat us with a result that brings them in final they deserve it, and if it doesn’t happen, we deserve it, that’s how the competition goes. “” But everyone saw the fight we put in in field, we played a really good game, and now after six days we will play again and we have to be ready. “Klopp confirmed:” We are winning 2-0, better than before the game started, but we know we are not there still qualified, so we have to keep progressing, there are no problems. “For his part, Villarreal manager Unai Emery said:” They were better than us, they were better in the 90 minutes. “Emery played seven games against Klopp and beat him once when he was Sevilla manager, in the 2016 European League final. “We wanted to play a better game, create better chances in goal for ourselves, but we often had to defend, “Emery said.” We wanted to win, but we couldn’t – confirmed the Villarreal coach – We wanted a draw, but we couldn’t either. “” We wanted to keep the score 0/1, but not we did it. We wanted to score, but we couldn’t. “” We didn’t create any chances, we never got close to their goal, the result is deserved, “he explained. Emery concluded by saying:” The situation could get worse, the result of 0/2 however, it gives us the opportunity to do a different performance on our land, we are not finished yet “. (Dpa)