Liverpool are in trouble with FIFA .. and could be punished as a loser

The club English Liverpool entered in a serious crisis with the International Football Association (FIFA), due to a “disciplinary” decision that will deprive him of some of his key stars in the next round, or consider him a 0-3 loser.

What’s the story?

The story began when i club of the English Premier League prevented their Brazilian players from traveling in Brazil and play the qualifiers for the World Cup, because their journey would mean imposing a quarantine on their return in Great Britain, since Brazil is a “red” country in which Corona virus spreads.

After i club British managed to prevent players from traveling, namely Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Leeds United, came the “shocking” decision of FIFA.

FIFA has surprisingly banned Brazilian players in the English Premier League from participating with their own club in the fourth round of the Premier League, which starts on Saturday, as a kind of punishment for the club, because they prevented players from participating internationally.

The hardest hit Liverpool

Liverpool are considered the most affected by the decision, because 3 of its main stars, the Brazilians, are goalkeeper Alisson Becker, midfielder Fabinho and striker Roberto Firmino.

The affair led to Liverpool in a “crisis” with FIFA, which must be resolved within 24 hours, ie before the start of the fourth round on Saturday afternoon.

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool officials have expressed great dissatisfaction with the decision, especially as players have been prevented from traveling due to the circumstances surrounding the Corona virus outbreak. in course and the quarantine measures that players had to face upon their return in Great Britain, noting that FIFA had no basis for banning players from participating in the league.

Serious consequences

According to article 22 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, ignoring the FIFA decision of Liverpool will mean that he will be considered a loser in the next match with a score of 0-3, in addition to the application of financial penalties.

But it is not known what FIFA will do if Liverpool opponent Leeds United decides to include their “suspended” Brazilian player Rafinha.

In this case the game can be considered canceled, with zero points for both teams in the championship.

The list of Brazilians excluded from participation in the fourth round of the Premier League includes Liverpool trio Alisson, Fabinho and Firmino, as well as Rafinha (Leeds United), Gabriel Jesus and Ederson (Manchester City), Thiago Silva (Chelsea) and Fred ( Manchester United).

Of the five club, Liverpool are most impressed by the importance of their Brazilian players, unlike others club who don’t rely heavily on “disqualified” names.

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