Liverpool recapture the victories with three wins against Leeds in a historic night for Salah in the English Premier League

London: Liverpool are back on the road to victories in English Premier League, after the precious 3-0 over their host Leeds United today, Sunday, in the fourth phase of the competition and the draw of Liverpool, who drew 1-1 with Chelsea in the last match of the tournament before the interval The last international, 10 points in third place, followed by goal difference behind Manchester United and Chelsea, respectively first and second place, tied with him in the same balance. He is in seventeenth place (fourth from the back), knowing that he is one of four teams that have failed to score any win in the competition in this season so far. Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah opened the scoring for Liverpool in the 20th minute, to be at the rendezvous with history, after becoming the latest arrival. To the list of the greats of the tournament, after reaching his 100th goal in career in the prestigious competition, becoming the fifth The fastest player in Premier League history to reach this number of goals Salah, who has played his 162 matches in the tournament, has scored 98 goals for Liverpool in the English Premier League. Yezi since joining the red team in June 2017, having previously scored two goals in the competition with his former side Chelsea, in which he played from January 2014 to January 2015. And Salah, who currently ranks second on the list of the most African players to score in the English Premier League, just four goals away to equal the number of goals of the Ivorian star in pension Didier Drogba, who so far leads the list, with 104 goals. This was the third goal of (Egyptian Faraone) in the championship in this season. After scoring against Norwich City and Chelsea, he was within one goal of the tournament’s top scorer, who is currently shared by West Ham United and Manchester United players Michael Antonio and Bruno Fernandes respectively. The Brazilian Fabinho scored the second goal for Liverpool in the 50th minute, while the Senegalese Sadio Mane scored the third goal for the Rossoneri in the second minute of injury time of the second half, taking advantage of the numerical scarcity of Leeds, who played in ten after his player Pascal Strick was sent off in the 60th minute for a technical problem. With this victory, Liverpool proved ready to face Milan, the Italian guest, next Wednesday, at the beginning of the journey of the two teams in the group stage of the Champions League, which the English team tries to bring back to their coffers and crown them for the first time. time. The seventh in its history and the first since 2019 The goal, to be taken by the Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Becker, Liverpool goalkeeper, constantly. Diogo Jota missed the chance to open the scoring for Liverpool in the 15 ‘, when he received a cross pass from Salah’s right, to receive the ball beautifully, and shot from inside thearea penalty, but Ilan Millier, the Leeds goalkeeper saved the ball successfully Salah sent a pass from the right to Mane, who shot from inside thearea, but he pulled in defense to get out in corner which went nowhere in the 17 ‘, before Liverpool translated control of the match by scoring the The first goal was scored by Mohamed Salah in the 20’ minute, Salah followed a creeping pass from the right by Trent Alexander Arnold, to put the ball with a magic touch with the left foot, directly facing the goal, putting the ball in the net to Millier’s right.Salah continued his annoying moves to the Leeds defense, sent a cross pass to Thiago Alcantara, who hit the ball in goal in the 24th minute, but the goal was soon canceled due to the Egyptian player falling into the offside trap. The ball bounces off the defenders, to reach him again, but he shoots without fire at the body of the Leeds goalkeeper, who has gone out of his line to meet him, moving the ball in a corner that has not been used. Next to the right post, Elliott hit another ball in the 38th minute that missed the goal. Contrary to the course of the game, Luke Ailing nearly equalized Leeds in the 43rd minute, when he received a cross pass from the left, to shoot directly without harassment from anyone, inside thearea, but throwing the ball away Mama out the door, closing the first half with the advance of Liverpool with the goal of Salah. The second goal came from Fabinho in the 50th minute. Arnold took the corner kick, where he played a cross that Virgil van Dijk met with a header, the defense failed to remove it, to prepare the ball in front of the Brazilian player, who is in front of the goal a few steps, to put the ball in the defense guard in goal The 60th minute saw another turning point in the match, after Leeds played with ten players after the dismissal of Dutchman Pascal Strick, who interfered very violently with Elliot in one of the common balloons in middle of the pitch, forcing the Liverpool player to leave the pitch due to his serious injury. Arnold surprised the Leeds defense with a missile in the 72nd minute he put in in guard Millier, while Mane wasted a real chance in the 74th minute, when he received a pass from Salah, but slowed in the shot, so the defense moved in corner, Leeds responded with a quick attack that aborted him Baker at the right time. Salah scored another shot in the next minute, which went a bit far from the goal, before Jordan Henderson fired a shot from the edge of the box.area in the 78th minute, which the home team goalkeeper caught twice. Patrick Bamford nearly narrowed the gap in the 83rd minute when he pulled the ball from the defense and tried to put the ball on the ground (Loeb) behind Becker, who was far away. who scored the third goal for Liverpool in the second minute of lost time.Henderson sent a cross from the right to Thiago, who passed The ball was for Mane, who evaded the defense and hit a creeping ball from inside the ‘area, placing the ball to Millier’s left and hugging the net, after which the match referee blew the final whistle.

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