Lizzo and Tomi Lahren take off and explode after Donald Trump’s indictment

Lizzo and Tomi Lahren have embarked on a huge social media debate over the removal of Donald Trump! As you may know, while many stars, including Lizzo, celebrated the House of Representatives’ vote against the former reality TV star, his supporters, such as Tomi, applauded.

Obviously, the outspoken Lizzo did not hesitate to go back and forth with the Republican supporter.

The artist argued that it is thanks to people like Tomi that the United States has become a place of hate.

Their fight on Twitter started with Lizzo tweeting about Trump’s dismissal vote.

She had retweeted an older tweet of hers in September just by reading “IMPEACHMENT” while writing next to him: “It has aged well.”

Seeing this, the host of The First Thoughts decided to refer to one of Lizzo’s songs to snap his message, writing: “Well @realDonaldTrumpis is still your president. Truth hurts. # KAG2020. “

It didn’t take long for Lizzo to applaud, telling Tami that “the only thing that hurts is that this country is divided by hatred fueled by people like you .. why don’t you do better and give your boy advice the truth, he will need it.

As you can imagine, it was not the end of their round trips!

Tami argued that said hatred in the country was fueled only by the left, as they could not bear the fact that America is doing better than ever under the leadership of Donald Trump.


This is not the first time that the right-wing specialist has argued with liberal celebrities on social networks, as she has already done with big names such as Cardi B, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj!

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