Lizzo Hater says she’s popular just because of the “obesity epidemic” – she’s fighting back!

Lizzo will not just let enemies invade her! The outspoken star applauded a troll who suggested that the only reason she is even popular is the so-called “obesity epidemic”.

That is true! They put the singer to shame and in response, Lizzo let them know that there are many real reasons why fans like to listen to her and have nothing to do with her weight.

Of course, the most obvious would be his talent when it comes to writing his own music.

As mentioned, his applause returned after a hater argued that “Lizzo popular is because there is an obesity epidemic in America.” Rather than encouraging people to do better, we just lie to them and tell them that they are fine as they are. Unfortunately, many of these people die from diabetes and heart disease. “

Lizzo has just been nominated in no less than 8 categories of the Grammy Awards, so she has had a boost of confidence even more than usual.

In other words, responding was nothing to her and she also stressed that they only wanted attention, which she willingly gave them.


She said to the rude user that “I am popular because I write good songs and I am talented and do love-filled, high-energy, 1.5 hour shows. The only person who has to do better for you. Keep my name out of your mouth and look in the mirror before you pick me up. Here is the attention you ordered. “

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