Entertainment Lizzo Lastly Exposes What remains in That Tiny Bag...

Lizzo Lastly Exposes What remains in That Tiny Bag Of Hers


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When Lizzo debuted her tiny Valentino bag back during the 2019 American Music Awards, one question was on everybody’s minds: what’s in that small purse, Lizzo?

It took a couple of months, and now the “Great As Hell” vocalist is finally giving us a taste of everything she can suit that small bag. She showcased the diminutive storage great void in a current Instagram post.

In a brief clip, Lizzo rifles through a likewise tiny bag in her clip and takes out a myriad of products, none of which look like the amount of fucks anyone provides, like what the majority of the web guessed remained in there, nor the flask of tequila or prophylactics Lizzo joked about returning then to PopSugar.

” YALL WAN NA KNOW WHATS IN MY TINY BAG BITCH?,” the star captioned her video.

” Yes! We want to know! Feed us!” the web cried out in unison, since who can resist the allure of a small handbag?

What is in there, then? We can’t forget an whole costume, including Lizzo’s wig.

One thing’s for sure. We’re attempting to construct a closet fit for a queen like Lizzo over here.

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