Lizzo Named Artist of the Year by TIME Magazine

# Roommates, Lizzo killed everything in 2019 with everything she touched. In addition to top-rated songs, multiple awards and the most Grammy nominations of all artists this year, she can now add a major honor to TIME magazine.

While everyone is still discussing his risky outfit in a recent Lakers game, Lizzo is reaping the honors of one of the country’s most respected magazines. TIME magazine has just released its year-end issue commemorating all the milestones of 2019 – and Lizzo has been named “Artist of the Year”.

For its detractors, it may seem like Lizzo is an overnight success, but if you dive into her story, you know she has crushed for years and finally enjoys the career success for which she fought.

In the magazine’s interview to accompany her cover, Lizzo was asked about her incredible 2019 by TIME:

“I have been making positive music for a long time. Then the culture changed. There were many things that were not popular but existed, such as body positivity, which was initially a form of protest for fat and black women and has now become fashionable and commercialized. Now, I saw him reach the mainstream. Suddenly, I’m mainstream! “

She also responded to critics of some regarding the positivity of her body, saying:

“I felt a little unhappiness. I was not happy with how I felt my body. I did not feel sexy and I did not know when it was going to end. There were times when I went on stage and I said to myself, “Well, I’m not going to lie. I do not feel. Sometimes I collapsed and cried. Sometimes the audience simply applauded for me to feel better. I was often sick. I was like, What is the f-ck going on? I need to fall back in love with my body. “

We would like to congratulate Lizzo for her impressive honor!

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