Locals in trouble, open roof a blessing or a curse?

There must be controls from the start Saleh Abu Nakhal, president of the Damak Club, said the Saudi player has the right to be on par with his foreign professional counterpart, and to apply professionalism. in ideal way, and this contributes to the development of the Saudi player further and increases his offer in field. But the Professionalism Committee must give more space to club in terms of creation of controls and conditions with the opening of the salary cap so that there are regulations that give to club their rights, especially as some players have shortcomings in some of the duties required of them after renewing their contracts, I believe Saudi players have great professionalism. As for the damage caused to the club from this decision, Abu Mughal said: “In all honesty, there will be damage, but the club who works with the skills at his disposal and according to the budget of the club, Sara in a solid position. from contracting debts that damage the club. We can get over the roof of the budget of the club in any circumstances. The player we contract or renew with will be within ours budget estimated and, if there is a clear increase in the contract value, we will withdraw from the negotiations and think of an alternative which will be in based on the needs and financial capabilities of the club”Everyone knows that most of the club suffers from poor financial support, even the honorary members have become few and in specific circles, and we are aware that the great support of the Ministry of Sport has made the club in a better position in recent times, and we want to take advantage of this support by providing it in the best way. THE club they are required to prepare. Ibrahim Ahmed Bakheet, CEO and former professional director of Al-Ittihad Club, advised club to prepare according to a specific mechanism for negotiating with players, with their commitment to evaluation criteria for each player in based on his level, age, commitment and participation with national teams. And he added, in added to that, the player in the club may have a different contract price than the player who is attracted to the outside of the club, which I see for a lower price, unless the player is a superstar. And Bakheet, in general, there will be no significant damage to the club or to the player if all the terms of the contract are agreed. As for the players’ agents in this new reality, Bakhit said, currently the agent name has changed and he has become a mediator of the players, and a mediation contract is signed with the player for once, and when the player finishes renewing his contract or moving in a new team and is registered, the mediator’s mission ends. Therefore, the mediator receives 10% as a commission for the mediation contract and, consequently, the contracts that were concluded before the new decision, the mediator receives his commission in based on the value of the contract signed by the player, and currently with the new decision, the percentage continues in how much is 10%, but the broker may receive a sum The higher result is the increase in the contracts of some expected players. Bakhit indicated that the ball has become the player’s profession, and that he must perform this task as best he can, and the more distinguished the player is, the more demand he receives and in according to his financial condition, so the open salary cap is an advantage for the player and an incentive to develop his level, but in exchange rate will increase the financial burdens on club. , especially those in look for leagues, because they will look for exceptional players to achieve results. A realistic mechanism that protects i club, Abdullah Al-Mohammadi, Player Attorney, reveals the ideal way to deal with the opening of the player salary cap, as it depends on the correct work in technically evaluating players from club without getting into debt that embarrass the players in theme of renewal or purchase of contracts. And he added, if we look at the implementation of the decision, we have Saudi players outperforming some of the professional foreign players in ours club, and unfortunately they receive fantastic sums, and eventually some of the contracts of these foreign players end with the termination of the consensual contract and the payment of the penalty clause, which is almost close to the Saudi player’s contract, and this psychologically affects the level of the citizen player and reduces his offer due to what he sees of the discrepancy in personal interaction between the players on the team. He added that one of the benefits of opening the salary cap offers the player comfort, flexibility and stability that his entitlement will be safer and more valuable, and contracts are officially announced and rehearsed without passing under the counter monies, if any. THE club they will face a real dilemma, to meet the financial conditions of the players, especially local ones, when they contract with them or when they renew their contracts. This is after the recent amendments adopted by the Football Association to the professional regulations, especially as regards local players and infants. And the Football Association’s Board of Directors recently approved new amendments to the list of professionals and the status of players and their transfers. The most important changes to the regulation were the abolition of the cap for contracts for Saudi professional players and births, which has been in place since 2015. I club, in especially the public, they will have a hard time keeping their stars when renewing contracts, in in light of the scarcity of the resources of the club and of the financial suffering that is caused to manage their business, especially that all clubThey don’t just spend on football, there are a lot of requirements on it. For his part, Al-Madina met with some executives from club and players’ agents, to know the reality of what i club they will have to deal with in the light of recent amendments. Paying under the table Fehr al-Tayeb, agent of a player and holder of a contractual seat, comments on the request for the opening of the salary cap for the players saying: True professionalism consists in giving all players absolute freedom in contractual matters and regulations that also apply to the foreign professional and that the decision to open the salary cap is a beginning in delay, but the important thing is to know that the public interest and the primary objective is the development of our sport. He continued, and perhaps this is good in terms of application of the law on fair play and the principle of fairness in competition, clarity in the procedures for stipulating contracts and not exploiting the gaps in terms of undeclared sums, which caused disasters for i club, which was strongly affected by the increase in the amount of debt due to transactions that took place in the period preceding this decision. He explained that what happened to Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad due to the extent of the many debts, which made the two teams suffer from the competition due to financial difficulties, increased expenses and lack of income, was caused by the lack of adherence to a specific system regarding expenses, which exceeds the capacity of the club in the question of financial balance. He concluded, however, that the Saudi player’s value should match his offer and that i club they should study how to renew or purchase any player’s contract according to one studio and a vision that they give to club take advantage of this contract and market it professionally, as in athletically developed countries.

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