London Heathrow Airport explosion UK government over ‘unacceptable’ wait times due to Covid-19

(CNN) — Pictures of long rows with captions die refer to different guards hours turned up at London Heathrow Airport on social media, asks the airport press office to criticize the British Border Forces on Saturday.

“We are very sorry that passengers faced unacceptable queues times in immigration last night (Friday) due to too few border guards on duty’ said a Heathrow spokesperson in a statement on Saturday.

“The Border Force was aware” of the additional demand of families and we were very disappointed that they did not provide adequate resources,” the statement said added.

The Border Force comes under the Ministry of the Interior, which on Saturday responded by admitting the situation was “unacceptable”.

“During the pandemic, we are clear Which queue times can be longer than us ensure all passengers are compliant with put the health measures in place to keep the UK public safe. However, the very long wait times we saw at Heathrow last night are unacceptable,” said the Interior Ministry in a statement.

The airport is undergoing “the busiest weekends” of the year for returning passengers, with very high marks of families with children under age of 12 who can not use e-gates,” the statement said.

E-gates are automated self-service stations die: use face recognition technology, but people traveling with children 12 years and younger are not allowed use them.

“Border Force is rapidly reviewing its schedules and capacity and flexibly deploying our staff in at the airport to improve waiting timessaid the Ministry of the Interior.

Heathrow’s Press office it said made its own staff available until help manage lines, while focusing on the need to have every immigration desk manned during peak times times.

The office said it escalated the matter with the Border Force so that they can “provide a better service” over the remainder of the weekend.”

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