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London responds to Moscow: stop weaving lies

After the Russian defense ministry accused him of involvement in last month’s explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines, as well as the drone attack on Crimea, Britain has denied all these “lies”.

On Saturday, the UK Ministry of Defense described these allegations as falsesaying they were “aimed at diverting attention from the losses suffered by Russian forces during the war they launched against Ukraine.”

disastrous management

He also noted that Russia is trying to “divert attention from its disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine by spreading false And false accusations “.

He also felt that “the fabrication of this story says a lot about the differences within the Russian government.”

British Navy personnel

The Russian Defense Ministry had said today that members of the British Navy blew up in air the Nord Stream One and Two gas pipeline, which extends from Russia to Germany, in a direct accusation for the first time on Britain in the name, a prominent member of NATO, without providing any evidence on his accusation.

But he made it clear that, as far as he knew, members of the British Navy were involved in the planning, support and execution of the attack in the Baltic Sea on September 26.

It is reported that Moscow previously blamed the West for shelling the bottom of the Baltic Sea. While Russian officials have repeatedly hinted that Washington has reasons to commit a tale act of sabotage, especially as it seeks to sell more liquefied natural gas to Europe. However, the US obviously denied this allegation, alluding to Russian involvement.

Four major leaks were detected on 26 last month in Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines off the Danish island of Bornholm, two in Swedish economic waters and two more in Danish waters.

Subsequently, the preliminary investigations under the sea reinforced the hypothesis of sabotage, especially since the explosions preceded the escape.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the two gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany have been at the center of geopolitical tensions after Moscow’s decision to cut gas supplies to Europe in response to Western sanctions.

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