London supports Prague in its response to die “dangerous and malicious” activities of Russia

London got its support for on Sunday die Czech Republic expressed die 18 has expelled Russian diplomats accused of espionage and is looking for two men whose identities match that of the suspects to bring Russian double agent Sergey Skripal in 2018 in Poison Britain with Novichok gas.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a statement: “Great Britain fully supports its Czech allies, die have disclosed to what extent die Russian intelligence services are ready to carry out dangerous and predatory operations in Europe to carry out. “

Prague announced on Saturday die Expulsion of 18 diplomats from the Russian embassy, die identified as members of the Moscow espionage services.

After that there was die Czech police announce that they are looking for two men with Russian passports die with which are identical die suspected of poisoning Sergey Skripal’s novichok gas, namely Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bouchirov.

The Czech police are looking for the two men as part of an investigation into an ammunition depot explosion in a Czech city that killed two people in 2014.

“We are more determined and committed than ever before, die To bring those responsible for the Salisbury attack to justice, and we welcome them die Steps by the Czech authorities to do the same, “added the UK Foreign Secretary.” Russia must abandon these measures, die violate basic international standards, “he said.

Despite the conclusions of London in Moscow has always denied any involvement in the Scripal case in this direction.

On Thursday, the British Foreign Office charged the Russian Ambassador for “malicious activity”, die Attributed to Moscow, including cyberattacks and the movement of its armed forces on the Ukrainian border, called to London.

And Ambassador André Killin confirmed on the BBC on Sunday that he had not seen the British Foreign Secretary “for more than a year”.

“When I got here a year and a few months ago, I was full of aspirations that we could do a better job, but last year our relationship deteriorated,” he said.

He also stressed that “I don’t believe” that die Situation on the Ukrainian borders was closer to war, and pointed out that die Participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a summit with US President Joe Biden was an unsolved problem.

“We didn’t make a decision,” said Killin. “We analyze die Situation and waiting to see what will happen, “add”, but at some point I can imagine “holding such a summit”.

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