London: The Group of Seven will commit to handing out a billion doses of vaccine

The leaders of the Group of Seven Nations plan to agree to expand production of COVID-19 vaccines at their summit over the weekend to secure at least one billion doses for the world through funding and equity plans, host Britain announced on Thursday known.

In addition, the UK said that die World’s leading economies will receive at least 100 million surplus vaccine doses donated over the next year, including five million in the coming weeks.

Apartheid based on vaccines

This pledge follows increasing calls for rich countries to step up their efforts to share Covid-19 vaccines with less developed countries at a time when in the humanitarian agencies warn that die current situation leads to “apartheid based on vaccines”.

The UK, which has received requests for more than 400 million cans, has been criticized for its delay in making donations available to poor countries.

“The situation will change”

But shortly before the heads of state and government of the Group of Seven Nations were welcomed to their first summit since fast British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised two years ago that he would soon change this situation.

“Because of the success of the UK vaccination program, we are now in able to share our excess doses with those die they need, ”he said.

London: The Group of Seven will commit to handing out a billion doses of vaccine

Boris Johnson

“This is a big step towards defeating this epidemic once and for all,” he added. He continued: “During the G7 summit, I hope that my counterparts will make similar commitments so that we can be together by the end of next year die Vaccinate the world and build up better after the coronavirus. “

Expansion plan for die Vaccine manufacturing

The Downing Street statement said: “It is expected that die World leaders at the summit announce that they will provide at least an additional billion doses of coronavirus vaccine to the world through a sharing and funding program to develop a plan to expand vaccine manufacturing to meet that goal to reach.”

Britain will be starting by the end of September in donate five million cans in the coming weeks, die according to Johnson’s office die poorest countries in the world.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

The statement said the UK has also pledged to donate an additional 95 million over the next year, including an additional 25 million by the end of 2021.

It is noteworthy that about 80 percent of vaccines are available die Go to the Kovacs initiative, die aims to ensure an equitable distribution of vaccines around the world while the rest is distributed bilaterally.

America donates 500 million cans

The United States announced Thursday that it would be donating 500 million cans to about 92 poor low and middle income countries.

The countries of the European Union have also agreed to donate at least 100 million cans by the end of 2021, with France and Germany each committed to providing 30 million cans.

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