Longcat, the cat understood on the internet for being long, has passed away


In unfortunate news, Longcat, the infamously long feline, passed away in Japan the other day at the age of18 The cat, whose real name was Nobiko, was posted to the imageboard 2chan in between 2004 and 2005 and ended up being popular in 2006 for his longness (he was obviously 65 cm).

Hong Kong-based pro-democracy website Stand News reported that Longcat had actually been rushed to the vet after being found in a weak state on Sunday morning. The cat eventually passed away at around 2pm local time.

Looks like 2020 isn’t donewith us One can just hope Longcat is continuing to be long in paradise. I just wish there was another long feline to alter Longcat so that I might specify, “Longcat is dead, long live Longcat.” Due to the fact that long.



photo.twitter com/c7aOlgSLyi

( @aerosubaru) September20,2020

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