Look 1924 Houthi violations of the international armistice in the prime three weeks

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced that the Iranian Houthi militia had committed 1,924 violations of the UN armistice within 21 days of its announcement and entry in force on 4 April, on the battle fronts in the governorates of Hodeidah, Taiz, Al-Dhalea, Hajjah, Saada, Al-Jawf, Marib, Abyan and Lahj.

A statement released by the center media The Yemeni army says the Houthi violations that were monitored were distributed among 573 violations on the Taiz axis fronts, 406 violations on the Hajjah fronts and 399 violations on the Ma’rib fronts.

It also monitored 330 breaches in Hodeidah, 152 breaches in Al-Jawf, 49 breaches in Al-Dhalea, 9 breaches in Saada, four in Abyan fronts and two breaches in Lahj.

He claimed that violations of the Houthi truce ranged between 967 bullets, 264 with artillery, 305 with reinforcements, 59 operations. offensive and infiltration, 178 drone and reconnaissance flights and 105 operations to create new trenches and fortifications.

The Yemeni army also documented 20 mine placement operations and 19 sniper creation operations. In addition to 7 operations against civilian objects and displaced areas in Al-Hodeidah, in the western part of Taiz and in the city of Ma’rib.

The communiqué pointed out that the Houthi militia had deliberately violated the truce from its earliest moments, and still continues to violate it until now, indicating the commitment of government forces to the directives of the political and military leadership, which requires a complete ceasefire.

The Yemeni cabinet, in its meeting on Sunday, reiterated its request to the United Nations and its envoy in Yemen to firmly address violations of the Houthi armistice and to exert pressure to implement its obligations under it and not to exploit them for further mobilization by organizing its situation on the ground and bombing civilians.

He stressed that this neglect threatens the collapse of the ceasefire and armistice in general, which is what the political leadership represented by the Presidential Leadership Council and the government want not to happen.

A statement released by the assembly highlighted that the Houthi militia, as usual in repudiating the agreements, did not undertake to implement its obligations in on the economic and humanitarian measures related to the truce, including the lifting of the unjust siege on the city of Taiz, and refraining so far from appointing its representatives to the special committee for the opening of the Taiz crossings according to the text of the armistice initiative.

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