LOOK: Activists in Kenosha protests against the Rittenhouse verdict

Activists got out in square of Kenosha, Wisconsin a show opposition to the verdict of not guilty issued down to Kyle Rittenhouse, and some took aim at President Joe Biden.

Between several dozen people who met on Sunday was Justin Blake, Jacob Blake’s uncle who he was shot and wounded by Kenosha police. Blake seemed to have blamed Biden for the verdict, accusing the president of betray his supporters.

“President Biden has sold us out. He betrayed our families. He betrayed the people behind us” Blake reportedly told a crowd of protesters.

Biden’s initial reaction to Rittenhouse’s verdict last the week did not go down Well with some of his supporters after the president said “the jury system jobs” in the immediate aftermath of the jurors decision not to find Rittenhouse not guilty on all five charges it was facing.

In a later statement, however, Biden said he and others felt “concerned” And “angry” by the jury decision.

Kamala Harris tore for Rittenhouse reaction

TO KNOW MORE: Kamala Harris tore for Rittenhouse reaction

Rittenhouse argued during the trial that he acted in himself-defense when he shot and killed two men and injured another during the Black Lives Matter protests in the city in August 2020. The protests were marked by violence, looting and vandalism.

Blake, who appeared in an earlier protest by Kenosha with activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, claimed that problem of police violence against minorities “Goes all the way at the White House “ adding thatt “nothing has been done” under Biden and did not support families of victims of police shootings, like by George Floyd family.

“Where has he been? for the Floyd family? “ Blake asked, demanding that he and others be invited to the White House to see a plan of the action is put in place.

Bishop Tavis Grant, national field director with the Rainbow Push Coalition, it was also among the speakers on Sunday, saying it was “indignant” from the verdict. Rainbow Push Coalition is a non-profit organization that focuses on the pursuit of “social justice” And “civil rights” Moreover.

Grant also called for those who I had “sympathy” for Rittenhouse a show the same sympathy for Christul Kyler. Kyler, who And black, was sentenced to 17 of first graduation murder for shoot a man who sexually assaulted her and others. His case is currently in wait on an appeal with The supreme court. activists on Sunday claimed the apparent difference in how the cases of Rittenhouse and Kyler being handled exposes a hypocrisy in himself-defense cases, while others have argued that Rittenhouse’s verdict might help The case of Kyler.

protesters on On Sunday he marched in Park of the Civic Center in Kenosha. Protesters carried placards with messages like “everything” system is guilty ‘and’ Party for Socialism and liberation “. When the demonstrators marched, a one point they sang, “Anthony and JoJo, “ in reference to Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, the two men Rittenhouse shot and killed.

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