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Look in high definition .. YouTube reverses its decision

Google canceled an experiment in under which YouTube Premium subscribers can only watch 4K Ultra HD videos.

YouTube started supporting 4K video in 2010, years before this resolution became as popular as it is now, and then started supporting 8K resolution in 2015 and watching videos in these two Ultra HD videos was available to everyone.

Unfinished trial

But in early October, YouTube began testing the ability to deprive free users of 4K video viewing. in what appeared to be a new effort to urge users to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

The Premium service offers many privileges to its subscribers, including deletion of ads, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and the ability to play videos in background on Android mobile devices.

The service also provides users with access to YouTube Music and Originals, produced by YouTube in collaboration with the platform’s most famous content creators.

YouTube confirms that the experiment has been canceled

In a tweet, YouTube confirmed the end of the experiment, stating, “Viewers should now be in able to access 4K resolution without a Premium subscription. So all users can now watch full resolution videos without paying a subscription fee. “

Google did not disclose the reasons that prompted it to cancel the experiment, but it is expected that the negative reaction the company has faced from users online to this experiment is the reason for its cancellation.

In the US, Google charges $ 9.99 per month for YouTube Music and $ 11.99 per month for YouTube Premium. These rates vary in Worldwide in proportion to the value of each country’s currency.

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