Look … the Yemeni army crushes the Houthi crowd south of Marib

The Yemeni army and popular resistance are engaged in ongoing battles against the Iranian Houthi militia on various battle fronts south of Marib in the north-east of the country.

The center media of the Yemeni army released a video clip, documenting some of the battles that the army and resistance waged on the southern front on Saturday, which inflicted heavy casualties on Houthi militias in terms of equipment and lives.

The members of the National Army confirmed their success in crushing several groups of deceivers who had been pushed by the militias in the past few hours, noting their full readiness to eliminate the remaining members of the militia on all fronts.

They said: “We will break all the militia attacks as we have broken them today and yesterday, and we will free every inch under their control.”

They stressed that deceived people seek slavery while heroes of the army and resistance fight for freedom, equality of citizenship and a dignified life for all Yemenis.

The forces of the Yemeni army, supported by popular resistance, have strengthened their capabilities on the western and southern fronts of Marib, with the continuation of violent clashes with the Iranian Houthi militias, during which the militias have suffered heavy losses.

Field sources confirmed that on Thursday evening the national army launched a counterattack against the Houthi militia sites in the district of Juba, south of the governorate of Marib.

According to sources, the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance managed to defeat the Houthi militia from the outskirts of thearea of Al-Amoud, and advanced into thearea from “Al-Mizan” to “Yara” in the Al-district of Juba.

The center media of the Yemeni army said that the armed forces, supported by popular resistance, are fighting continuous and violent battles to defeat the Iranian Houthi militias and break their attacks along the fighting fronts south and west of Ma’rib Governorate.

The commander on the ground, Brigadier General Hussein Al-Halisi, confirmed that in recent days the Iranian Houthi militia has suffered painful blows at the hands of the National Army and the Popular Resistance on the same front, and has suffered great human and material losses. in its military equipment and equipment.

Al-Halisi explained that hundreds of leaders and members of the Houthi terrorist militia have fallen along the line of military clashes on the southern fronts of the Marib governorate, including dead and wounded, pointing out that dozens of Iranian terrorist militia bodies are still scattered on the le mountains and rocks of the Juba district, and so far they have not been recovered.

Violent battles waged by the military, supported by popular resistance against the Iranian Houthi militia, continue in all the theater of combat operations in the south and west of Ma’rib Governorate.

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