Lord of the Rings: Aragorn star reveals ‘beautiful’ scene was axed from films – never seen

Throughout the filming of The Lord of the Rings in the early 2000s, director Peter Jackson filmed as much as he could to adapt the books as perfectly as he could. Some extra scenes were included in the Extended Editions of the three films – The Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; The Return of the King – but even then, some were left out. Aragorn actor Viggo has revealed one touching scene involving Arwen was filmed but left out.

The complex relationship between Aragorn and Arwen (Liv Tyler) was explored thoroughly throughout the three films, showing how they struggled to stay together as a man and an elf.

Viewers caught glimpses of their love story, and indeed their future, but their past always remained a mystery.

Peter originally rectified this issue by adapting a romantic scene between the two characters, but Viggo revealed it has never been viewed by anyone.

Viggo said in an interview: “There was a scene that we shot as a sort of memory flashback. It was from the courtship days when [Aragorn] first met Arwen.”

.Lord of the Rings actor ‘broke down crying’ during The Hobbit filming

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn star reveals ‘beautiful’ scene was axed from films – never seen

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn actor Viggo Mortensen spoke out about the axed scene (Image: NEW LINE CINEMA)

Lord of the Rings aragorn

Lord of the Rings: A scene involving Aragorn and Arwen was filmed (Image: NEW LINE CINEMA)

Viggo continued: “We shot it just before we were taking a break so I was clean-shaven and prettied up.

“They’d tried to make me look as young as possible. I had different hair and I was dressed like an elf.”

As fans may recall, this specific look for Aragorn was never seen on the big screen.

Viggo went on: “It was a scene from the book where they’re walking in this flowery meadow. It was a beautiful sequence but obviously, it wasn’t needed for the movie.”

Lord of the Rings arwen

Lord of the Rings: Arwen was involved in the touching scene (Image: NEW LINE CINEMA)

This “beautiful” scene would have certainly raised the stakes in the epic fantasy saga.

The American actor added: “I’ve never seen it but I enjoyed shooting that scene.

“It’d be nice to see it actually, it’s not in the extended editions either.”

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The Lord of the Rings journey is not yet over.

Next year Amazon Prime Video will be adapting Tolkien’s second age of Middle Earth into a TV show.

This show is supposedly going to follow the events of the Silmarillion – the prequel book to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Last month Amazon Studios announced the series’ second season will move from filming in New Zealand – where the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy were filmed – to England.

Frodo actor Elijah Wood responded to this news with a flippant facepalm emoji on Twitter.

A number of his followers agreed with his sentiment.

One wrote: “Lord of the Rings is synonymous with New Zealand. Granted didn’t you guys film stuff for the hobbit in England but it was interiors right?”

The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy are available for rental on Amazon Prime Video.


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