Lori Harvey and Boyfriend Future took their relationship to the next level – what do Steve and Marjorie Harvey think?

Steve Harvey’s daughter-in-law, Lori Harvey, and rapper Future are said to take their relationship to the next level as current rumors suggest.

According to recent information, the 22-year-old model no longer lives with her parents but has moved with her boyfriend to her penthouse apartment in Los Angeles.

So far, it remains a mystery what is the opinion of Lori’s parents, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, about their daughter’s move, but many fans speculate that they are not particularly delighted even if they leave her make your own decisions.

As for Future, it seems that the rapper has officially declared that he is involved with Lori because the 36-year-old man posted a photo of her dressed in black on his Instagram page and subtitled the photograph in one single word: “Flawless.” “

Additionally, Lori also attended her supposed boyfriend’s birthday party as a special guest. The event was held in Atlanta recently, and the party theme was all white.

Steve Harvey was not at all happy that the rapper was dating his daughter, and Future was not even invited to the Thanksgiving festivities at Harvey’s dinner in Los Angeles.

However, it is rumored that Lori is pregnant with her partner, and if this is true, it would be the eighth child of the 36-year-old rapper, who fathered seven children who are all from different mothers.

Meanwhile, Lori’s dating past isn’t as boring, and it seems like she likes rappers because, until recently, she was involved with P. Diddy and before that, Trey Songz.

One person said, “A little girl should think wisely. Joining the future is embarrassing! “Extra late, she went out with Trey, Songz.”

Another commenter wrote, “Thank you for the reminder, one of my moms told me repeatedly to grow up whenever I had a challenge with relationships, jobs, or whatever. She said: Fiona what and who will be in your life will be. Trust God and get ready. “

A social media user said, “So, I just found out LORI HARVEY idk what she does or who she really is, but my god, she is beautiful fucking nasty this beautiful lady asf … where is my Lori Harvey. “


Fans wonder if this romance is getting serious.

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