Lots of bodies scattered all over the place An incident with the police in Los Angeles

Wednesday morning car crashed into a group of trained police officers during a jogging lesson, resulting in 25 injuries, five of them severe, according to a local LAPD official.

L’autowhich was going the wrong way, caught police officers on a morning run, hitting them hard without its driver slowing down, leaving a scene “like a plane crash,” according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

“There were a lot of bodies scattered all over the place with different injuries, which was a shocking scene for everyone involved,” he added in a press conference. He stressed that among the injured were “amputated limbs” and that one was given artificial respiration.

A video shot on location showed a black SUV parked on the curb with front-end damage. According to the Los Angeles Times, its driver was traveling in the opposite direction at the time of the crash, citing rescue teams.

For his part, Villanueva said that some policemen saw the 22-year-old motorist speeding, indicating that quests latter was not drunk and was stopped on the spot. For his part, the Los Angeles Times quoted safety sources saying the driver told investigators he “fell asleep” while driving. He has been subjected to tests to check if he was under the influence of drugs. The group consisted mainly of two trained policemen.

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