Love Island: Comedian predicts Zachariah Noble may fade into the background amidst ‘bad boy’ label and new bombshell arrival

Love Island: Luke Kempner predicts bombshell Zachariah Noble will fade into background

Zachariah Noble entered the villa on Monday in a Love Island first as a bombshell after the 10 revealed contestants were coupled up through a public vote.

The 25-year-old certainly made an impression on viewers, and the other hopefuls in the villa, but Luke Kempner feels the basketball player may soon fade into the background.

Speaking on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast with Sam Thompson and Indiyah Polack, the comedian shared his views, highlighting that he “can be lovely” despite his opinions.

He shared: “I think they’re going to get bored of Zachariah quite quickly as well. I am coming in with the opinions…”

Co-host Indiyah quickly jumped to Zachariah’s defence, arguing: “Zach’s got good chat, I think that’s what’s grabbing people.

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“Aside from the lovely South London accent which I’m here for, I think he’s got quite a lot of charm, he’s quite interesting. You want to know more about him.”

Sam took the podcast off on a tangent as he declared one of Zachariah’s best features to be his “great beard”, sparking a “beard war” with the BBC guest star.

Later in the conversation, Indiyah declared that although Tyrique Hyde has seemingly been titled the “bad boy of the season”, she feels Zachariah holds that position.

She explained: “I feel like the definition of a bad boy in that villa would be someone like Zach, he seems like he’s very…he’s got a lot of presence that’s the word.”

Fans, and the villa residents alike, lashed out at Tyrique after yesterday’s episode revealed the 24-year-old claims to have over 100 sexual partners.

Luke also warned that Zachariah’s actions in the villa may shift now that a second bombshell, Whitney Adebayo, has entered the competition.

The comedian shared: “Always what happens with Love Island is that Zachariah – he’s the bombshell, he’s the one that’s got the power. So he’s feeling very relaxed

“But if another bombshell comes in, the tables immediately turn and he stops feeling so relaxed, because he could lose Catherine as well.”

Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2.

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