Love Island recoupling: Zachariah steals Catherine from André, fans predict they could be the golden couple

Love Island Recap: Zachariah Steals Catherine from André

The First Recoupling of the Series

Tuesday’s instalment of Love Island saw bombshell Zachariah Noble couple up with Catherine Agbaje, stealing her from André Furtado in the first recoupling of the series.

After growing closer throughout their first day in the villa, Zachariah explained why he chose Catherine, saying: “The reason why I want to couple up with this individual is because the conversations we have had have been very easy, they’ve felt very natural.

“She’s also a very beautiful person.”

Many fans rejoiced that hunky Zachariah and Catherine are now a pair, with some even predicting that they could be the golden couple of the series.

One Twitter user said: “If Zachariah goes for Catherine, they will win.”

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Fans Predict Catherine and Zach Could Win

Zara added: “If I said Catherine for the win already would I be wrong?”

Dvna echoed: “If Catherine & Zach take it seriously they can win & live happily ever after #LoveIsland.”

Sals wrote: “Catherine and Zach to win [I don’t care].”

Nugget said: “I don’t think I lot understand how monumental that episode of Love Island was. A black girl finally not struggling for attention!!!”

And Meena typed: “Tonight was historic.”

However, one person who won’t be happy about the recoupling is 21-year-old Andre. 

Earlier in the episode, fans fumed at the fashion brand owner for “blocking” Catherine as Zachariah attempted to get to know her.

Catherine even admitted that Andre was giving her the “ick” by being so protective of her.

Boots Launches Love Island Storefront

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Molly and Mitchel Move “Too Fast”

Romance also blossomed for another pairing with Molly and Mitchel sharing a kiss on their second day as a couple.

The next morning, the girls asked Molly about the kiss and she said: “It was like a goodnight kiss, he is very cuddly and I am very cuddly.”

However, viewers took to Twitter to share their concern as they accused the couple of moving “too fast”.  

Diana said: “I think that’s a bit too fast now Molly and Mitchel #LoveIsland”

Love Island airs every day at 9pm on ITV2.

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