Lovebirds in UP copy Cruise & Diaz’s kiss, face heavy consequences.

A couple from Lucknow, India, recently copied the iconic stunt from Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s movie Knight and Day, where the two were seen wrapping their legs around each other while driving a scooter. The couple was spotted doing the same on the streets of Lucknow, despite the cold weather. However, the police were alerted, and the 23-year-old boy was arrested for violating public decency and rash driving, while the girl was released since she was a minor. This incident is a reminder to everyone to follow the traffic rules and not to try such stunts on the city roads. The couple’s actions cost them a challan, and a case was filed for spreading obscenity in a public place. This serves as a lesson to all young couples to exercise caution and abide by the law.

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