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Low wages make you jump in air the Iranian judiciary Or false government justice

Employees of the Iranian judiciary organized a general strike in Iranian cities to protest low wages and to reject the plan to “increase the salaries of judiciary employees”.

According to some media, Tehran and Karaj judicial officials have staged widespread protests that are expected to last a week or more. And he posted videos of employees camping out in front of the justice departments in cities including Ahvas, Kermanshah and Ilam, chanting slogans like “False government, justice, justice”.

https: // www.youtube.com / watch? v = yjTi4pMXrFs

Lawyer Muhammed Hussein Akassi tweeted that Karaj’s judges refused to appear before the court. He added in a tweet of not having witnessed a judges’ strike since 1975. Interestingly, members of the Iranian parliament rejected the plan to increase the salaries of judicial workers on January 5, and the opposing parliamentarians believe the salary increase of administrative employees of the judiciary are not included in the budget.


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