Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be a little bigger in 2020

Green Mario’s ghost hunting adventures are not over yet. Nintendo has announced two packs of additional content for the exclusive Nintendo Switch, which Luigis Mansion 3 will add next year with both single player and multiplayer content.

The first package that adds new mini-games to ScreamPark mode will be released on April 30, 2020. This first episode will also include three new outfits and themed ghosts for co-op mode, as well as a special polterpup light that can be used in story mode. Remarkably, Luigi seems to have a fabulous new haircut.

The second multiplayer package will be released on July 31, 2020. Players can expect new mini-games for ScreamPark mode as well as new outfits and themed spirits for ScareScraper mode.

In our review, we call Luigi’s Mansion 3 “our hero’s best adventure with scaredy rabbits, and it gets better because he doesn’t like it.” The good news is that if you haven’t played it a few, you played it Months to catch up before the expansion occurred.

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