"Lukoil" Confirms that it does not supply its oil products to Ukraine

The executive director of Lukoil, Vadim Vorobyov, said that the company has no contracts for the supply of oil products it produces to the territory of Ukraine.

Vorobyov added, commenting on the statement that the ninth EU sanctions include allowing the export of oil products of Russian origin from the EU countries to Ukraine: “Lukoil does not have contracts to supply its oil products to Ukraine. Bulgaria and other destinations available within the framework of export quotas to third countries provided for by the ninth package of EU sanctions.

Vorobyov pointed out that several companies use the Druzhba line to transport oil to Europe, as sanctions currently do not apply to Russian oil transported through pipelines.

He said: “After this oil is delivered to the buyer, this oil and the oil products produced from it no longer belong to Russian companies.”

Earlier, the Bulgarian National Radio reported that the Bulgarian refinery Lukol will be able to sell its oil products only to Bulgaria or Ukraine, and sales to the EU and other countries will be prohibited from February 5 of the new year. Among the products allowed for export to Ukraine are aviation gasoline, various types of kerosene, oils, heavy fuel and others.

Source: TASS