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luxury yacht "fly over water"!

The luxury yacht is designed to take you out to sea and give you the chance to experience “flying” over the water – if you have £70 million to spare.

And an impressive design concept – Plectrum – was launched by Lazzarini Design Studio, located in Rome.

It is made from dry carbon fiber making it extremely light, with a foil system allowing it to rise above the waves and glide through the water at up to 75 knots.

The Italian company has unveiled a 74-meter hydrofoil concept yacht called Plectrum. studio Design studio Lazzarini.

Take a closer look here.https://t.co/vyoRTBoLtX

— Boat International (@boatint) January 24, 2023

And thanks to its three 5,000 horsepower hydrogen engines, it can rise above the surface of the water.

The shim system can be adjusted to suit sailing needs, and the width can be changed from 49 feet (15 m) keel, with the gate closed at the berth, to 65 feet (20 m) keel while the yacht is moving. at high speed.

Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini explained that the flexible design results in “a different superyacht configuration that will allow you to travel at sea much faster than conventional vessels of a similar size.”

The four-deck yacht has six guest cabins, a swimming pool and a helipad.

At the moment, the yacht is still a preliminary concept, and the exact date of the market launch is unknown.

The Italian design is said to be an “ultra-light yacht” composed and built entirely with dry carbon fiber composites to help it reach high speeds.

In the last year alone, he has created three eye-catching yacht designs, all with bizarre and beautiful features, all of which are worth millions.

Source: Daily Mail


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