M. Night Shyamalan exposes his next film with a poster and a teasing set photo

Image: Rachel Luna/ Stringer

By Adam Rosenberg

The title of M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie is Old, which is most likely a suggestion to what our cumulative age will be by the time it’s safe to launch in theaters.

Said photo shows us Shyamalan standing in a grassy field that seems on the top of a hill or some other higher- elevationarea

The poster, on the other hand, is a completely black-and- white number with the title appearing in a big, easy font design at the bottom of what appears an hourglass. Other than rather of sand, this hourglass includes stacks and stacks of human(?) bodies, with a stream of them falling out of the time-telling device’s hidden upper half.

The tagline checks out: “It’s just a matter of time.”

Till what, M. Night? The poster also explains the movie as “a brand-new journey” from Shyamalan, who is called as both the author and the director of Old

In 2019, Shyamalan launched Glass, the 3rd film in a trilogy that also consists of Strong( 2000) and Split ( 2016 ). The 3 movies together total up to Shyamalan’s handle a superherostory

He also executive produced the Apple TV series Servant, and directed a handful of episodes. As we went over when it introduced in late 2019, the series’ first season is big on scary vibes and it provides an unusual presence, nevertheless it’s too quick on reactions (and too big on a ruthless sense of suffering) to be especially extraordinary. It also sets up a shift for the next season that has us amazed to see what’s next.

Old is his next endeavor, and almost whatever we comprehend about it is right here in the teasing tweet.

tuned– presuming that (*)’s date sticks, July 2021 isn’t (*) up until now away.(*)

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