“Machine Gun” transforms Chicago’s upscale neighborhood in “war zone” (VIDEO)

Dramatic video of rapid fire on roads of an upscale neighborhood in Chicago was widely shared on social media. Two men reportedly left with face and leg injuries after the shooting.

According to the Chicago Police Department, the shooting occurred after midnight on Huron Street in the city the exclusive River North neighborhood. Two without a name men, between the ages of 25 and 22, apparently were shot inside a car after being accosted by two male suspects – at least one of who shot.

A number of video of the accident and his own aftermath quickly made the rounds on Twitter, with commentators note that it sounded like a “war zone”. One camera angle captured two vehicles speeding past with ring of gunfire out. Shortly after the shots, an inverted red car was shot on the same street with other auto parked on the roadside suffering severe damage.

A local CBS local news affiliate reported that debris e more more than 30 evidence markers were scattered in all the street. Point of sale also video clips in evidence taken from a neighbor building That shows police patrol the nearby streets and alleys and remove what looked like a pistol from the upside-down car.

“It sounded like an automatic weapon that goes off, probably 20 to 30 shots in very quick succession “ Brian Schmitt, a witness, told the CBS outlet that he reported that a bullet had been found housed in the window frame of a tavern on the street.

Other video clips posted online show a man, who does not seem to have a firearm, running the streets like machine shots are heard nearby.

The two wounded men they reportedly brought in hospital and have been described as in fair condition after on Sunday.

Although the accident took place in flat land view of narrow level cameras, suspects don’t in custody still. Both have been described as sporty dreadlocks, with one wearing a blue jacket.

During Thanksgiving holiday weekend, about 40 people they were reportedly shot in the city, leading to three deaths.

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Source RT News.

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