Macron consulting widely and addressing the people following government’s survival

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses the French today, during a television interview, against the backdrop of social and political tensions following the adoption of the pension reform law. Macron held consultations with many parties while receiving Prime Minister Elizabeth Born, whose government escaped a no-confidence memorandum on Monday. At lunch he also met the presidents of the Assembly and the Senate, as long as he meets in evening the deputies of the presidential camp. And the French president will speak today in live on the channels “TF1” and France 2 at 13:00 of the social and political tensions deriving from the reform of the pension system, according to the Elysee. On Monday evening, the Prime Minister, invited to the Elysée with some members of the government and leaders of the majority, said: “I am determined to continue to carry out the necessary transformations for our country”. Macron will meet the presidents of the Assembly and the Senate over lunch, before meeting in evening the deputies of the presidential camp. And throughout the day, the rage continued with new rallies, sit-in, road closures, transport disruptions and even running out of fuel from stations for the first time since demand movements began. Building on Article 49, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, which allows the bill to pass without a vote unless a motion of no confidence results in the overthrow of the government, the reform – which raises the retirement age from 62 to 64 years – it was officially approved on Monday in parliament . However, this parliamentary conclusion, which took place with a vote closer than expected (with 19 out of 61 deputies voting no confidence), did not help to ease the pressure on the government, quite the contrary. National Assembly leader Marine Le Pen said Elizabeth Bourne “must go” or “the president should fire her,” and several voices on the left have called for her resignation. “The struggle continues,” chanted all the leaders of the new coalition of the People’s Environmental and Social Union. They are based on appeals to the Constitutional Council and have submitted a request to hold a joint initiative referendum, which the Constitutional Council must consider accepting. In anticipation of this, Elizabeth Bourne announced on Monday evening that she would “directly” submit a request to the Constitutional Council to examine the text “as soon as possible”. Even the opponents of the reform are calling for continued street mobilisation. Monday evening, during the spontaneous protests in across France, protesters overturned and burned rubbish bins, erected barricades and fired live ammunition at police. These tense scenes repeated themselves in many large cities, such as Lyon, Nantes, Rennes and even Strasbourg, where, according to the municipality, around two thousand people demonstrated. In Dungis (west), the security forces intervened from Monday night to Tuesday to disperse the strikers who have been occupying an oil port for a week, according to an AFP photographer present at the scene.

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