Macron: Israel has the right to defend itself

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday about the growing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and called for a return to calm in of the region.

In a statement, Macron condemned die Hamas attacks with the words: “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

He also expressed concern about die Plight of civilians in Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Local health officials said Israel bombed Gaza with artillery and air strikes on Friday, killing 13 people, including three children.

Macron’s statements come when Israel is for the fifth time in Follow its violent air, land and sea bombing of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and continues fast 119 people, including children, killed while 9 were killed by rockets on the Israeli side, which since last Monday evening in was introduced to the industry.

As the Al-Arabiya correspondent reported, the military and land masses gathered at the borders of the strip with no evidence of incursion or incursions.

In the meantime, announced die israeli army die Bombing of several locations by Hamas leaders as well as several underground tunnels in Gaza on.

Palestinian media reported that the Israeli reconnaissance plane hit an apartment with two missiles in one of the Taiba towers west of Khan took aim and a target in bombed near the port of Gaza.

In addition, exist in Tensions and violence continue throughout the mixed cities between Arabs (inland Palestinians) and Jews die israeli police die Announced internal arrest of 100 Palestinians.

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