Macron speaks of a “world war” over vaccines … and a Russian parliamentarian answers!

French President Emmanuel Macron said in a press conference after the first day of the European Union’s virtual summit on Thursday that Europe was facing a “new global war” because of vaccines, while a Russian MP was quick to respond.

The newspaper “Le Figaro” quoted him as saying that this was for several reasons, including “Russia and China wanting to exert influence with the help of vaccines”.

The French President expressed his conviction that, in this episode, Europe must be independent in the manufacture of these vaccines and medicines.

Macron promised that Europe would increase production of coronavirus vaccines in the coming months and become the largest producer of these vaccines.

At the same time, the French President proposed to prevent the export of vaccines if the manufacturer fails to meet its obligations to supply the European Union.

The French market leader said that the two companies Pfizer and our company, unlike AstraZeneca, have met their commitments in the area of ​​vaccine supply.

In response to Macron’s testimony, Russian Duma deputy spokeswoman Irina Yarovaya said that talk of a “new kind of world war” is most likely a self-disclosure of an old problem in a new form.

The MP stated that “Nazism” regarding vaccines appears to be a new disease affecting European politicians and that it is a new perverse obsession in their political consciousness.

The State Duma deputy spokesman confirmed that this threatens the lives of Europeans themselves.

“European and American politicians have long since lost the qualities of benevolence and benevolence,” added Yarovaya. “Therefore, the logic of their arguments and judgments remains alien to a society in which the main value – human life, the ideal – humanity and cooperation for the benefit of people’s lives.”

She stressed that Russia has always offered cooperation for the benefit and benefit of people’s lives. She noted that three effective and safe vaccines against Covid-19 have been developed in Russia, which are seen as “Russia’s humanitarian and non-profit contribution to the rescue and well-being of people in Europe and all countries”.

“The absurdity and gravity of the aggressive statements made by some politicians about Russia’s humanitarian achievements not only add to the suffering of Europeans under the indefinite lockdown, but also deny them the right to free access to medical care,” she said.

She stressed that attempts to politicize vaccines and drugs in advance appear to be a dangerous dead end.

Earlier, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Terry Britton, had stated that Europe would not need the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” because it had approved four vaccines within the European Union, which would be sufficient to guarantee herd immunity to reach.

For his part, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi did not rule out that his country would apply for the Russian vaccine due to a lack of coordination within the European Union.

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