Macron: The pace it’s possible in Ukraine when the Ukrainians decide

French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday at the opening of a summit pace in Rome that “the pace it’s possible” in Ukraine when “the Ukrainians will decide”.

“We must not let the pace today be it in somehow in the hands of the Russian authorities (…) pace it is possible only when it is decided “by the Ukrainians, he added in an opening speech at the summit organized by the Catholic Society of Sant’Egidio.

He also stated that “nothing justifies the Russian war in Ukraine “, noting that” the decision of pace it shouldn’t be left behind in hostage to the Russians “.

The French president had announced in a televised interview, on October 12, that Russian President Vladimir Putin “should return to the negotiating table”, stressing that France would provide Kiev with anti-aircraft defense systems.

French military support

Macron also expressed, during a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday, his “grave concern” about the recent Russian missile attacks on Ukraine, pledging to increase French military support in Kiev.

Interestingly, France has committed to supplying Kiev radar and air defense systems to Ukraine in the coming weeks, to help Ukraine. in particular to protect themselves from drone attacks.

Macron did not provide details on the type of anti-aircraft missiles or how many would be delivered. And Paris in previously supplied Ukraine shoulder-mounted “Mistral” anti-aircraft missiles.

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