Madjer takes credit for winning the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and wonders why Belmadi was held back after missing the World Cup.

Algeria – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Former Algerian star, Rabah Madjer, has raged controversy over the technical crossbar of his country’s national team after the bitter exclusion from Qatar’s World Cup qualification, considering that there is a double standard in the way of dealing with him and his successor at the helm of the Greens, Djamel Belmadi. Madjer stated in an interview with the Algerian broadcaster Al-Hadaf that he was the victim of campaigns that targeted him when he was in charge of the Algerian team’s technical bar, in order to prevent him, according to him, from reaching the African Cup in Cairo in 2019 and crowning. And the Algerian national team, after the arrival of Belmadi in 2018, 8 months after Rabah Madjer was at the helm of the team, had managed to achieve an historic milestone by winning the African Cup of Nations in Cairo, and that crowning led to relaunch the shares of Belmadi, which has gained overwhelming popularity. But the owner of the famous football with the club del Porto is of a different opinion, in how much he believes that the credit for the crowning of the African Cup of Nations is his and his coaching staff, saying: “With all humility, I say that the work I did with Jamal Menad and Miziane Ighil before the sacking was the reason why the team was crowned in Cannes. For 8 months we did a great job. Majer continued, “My goal was to win the nations of Africa, and that annoyed a lot of those who were campaigning against me, so they worked in so that I didn’t reach Cairo by all means, and this was actually done for them. ” The star player of the eighties is back in Algeria, due to the circumstances of his expulsion from the national team, surprising his removal from the technical bar after losing in a friendly with Portugal, in one moment in which the current coach has remained in place even though he failed to get past the first round of the African Cup of Nations and to qualify for the World Cup. These declarations are inserted in the context of a widespread controversy re-launched after the start of the World Cup matches on the feasibility of keeping Jamal Belmadi at the helm of the Algerian national team, after the failure in the last African Cup from which he was eliminated by first countries and then failing to qualify for the World Cup. A few days ago, the famous Algerian sports commentator Hafid Darraji caused a sensation with his statements in which he said that the Gambian referee Gassama is not the only reason why he lost the match against Cameroon, and for the exclusion from Qatar’s World Cup qualification, but there are several other technical and psychological reasons, according to him. . Draghi said in declarations to Algerian channels that the coach and the players also bear a part of the defeat, both the technical choices of the coach who made us lose with a goal zero at the start of the match, both players who received a fatal goal in the last minute of the match. The journalist, who enjoys a large following in Algeria did not hesitate to say that the greatest responsibility for the exclusion lies with Belmadi, just as it was he who had the great merit of having won the African Cup in Egypt in 2019 when he arrived and the team fell apart in that moment. Draghi went so far as to say that Belmadi had to leave after being excluded from the World Cup, a statement that contradicts what this journalist said after the match against Cameroon, inviting him to continue “because he will correct many things and our team will come back stronger; Because it is adversity that works miracles». A part of public opinion and journalists have come to believe that Belmadi must leave because he has nothing left to offer to the national team, not to mention his huge salary, which amounts to 2.6 million dollars a year, which he will receive without any official tournament. that the Greens play until 2024. On the contrary, sui social media a strong campaign has appeared in support of Belmadi’s survival. A publication circulated on very authoritative pages that compared Belmadi and Aliou Cisse, the coach of the Senegalese national team, appointed in 2015, and managed only after 7 years to win the African Cup and qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. The postshared by tens of thousands of people, considered stability to be the source of success.