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Madness .. Kiev clarifies: “That’s why Moscow won’t hit the Kakhovka dam”

After the two sides of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict exchanged accusations in recent weeks of planning the destruction of the huge Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine, Kiev doubted with certainty, considering that a tale step would have drowned the Russian soldiers and made the Crimea thirsty!

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov ruled out the possibility of Moscow blowing up in air the Great Southern Dam during its retreat from Kherson Province, describing the idea as “insane.”

Controlled areas of drowning

In an interview from the capital, Kiev, he said that this step would lead to the sinking of areas controlled by Russian forces and also prevent their access to fresh water supplies through a canal from Dnipro to Crimea, which Russia has annexed to its own. territory in 2014.

He also added, explaining that “the western bank of the river is a high land and the eastern bank is low, and this means that the water will flow east of this bank and there will be a danger to their forces,” according to reports. from Reuters. quoted.

As for the possibility of a nuclear attack, Reznikov also spoke of this, excluding its occurrence.

Russia’s methods have changed

When asked if Moscow’s tactics had changed under the command of General Sergei Sorovikin, whom he appointed last October to command his forces in Ukraine, said: “Yes, it has changed because it uses terrorist methods against civilians and infrastructure targets using Iranian cruise missiles, rockets – propulsion grenades and private drones.” “.

He also added: “They don’t send one or two missiles as before, they use 40 missiles a day and then they wait, then they bomb Ukrainian territory over and over again.”

Kiev had previously accused Moscow of preparing to bomb the dam and huge hydroelectric units, to cover its losses and withdrawals from Kherson and other areas in the south, warning of a flood disaster that could be resolved if the Russians implement this scenario.

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He also warned that the dam explosion would drown “more than eighty cities, including Kherson, in the heart of the floods.”

Interestingly, Russian forces yesterday began withdrawing from Kherson, the first major city they had captured since military operations began in the lands of its western neighbor, on Thursday, February 24. Russia has 40,000 troops in Kherson and still has troops in and around the city and on the right bank of the Dnipro River.

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