Madonna – Father of 25-year-old boyfriend says they’ve been an article for over a year!

Many people on social media were shocked to see Madonna get quite comfortable with a 25 year old man and she was even severely criticized by Wendy Williams! However, it turns out that the things between the artist and the Ahlamalik Williams are much more serious than people have thought!

That is true! The young dancer and the 62-year-old singer are not content with an adventure and his own father confirms it!

The man, Drue, apparently chatted with TMZ, telling the media that his son and the legendary performer had been a topic for about a year and that things continued to get more serious between them.

Asked about the meeting reports, Drue reportedly told the publication that it was “100% definitely an article”.

The auxiliary dancer’s parents have already met Madonna and they spoke after one of her shows in New York.

Ahlamalik’s father mentioned that he and his mother were both for their relationship despite the age gap, telling TMZ that “love has no age”.

Speaking of the word L, Madonna apparently already told her boyfriend’s parents that she loved him and wanted to take good care of him.

But while parents are all for it, there are many people who think that dating a man three years older than his daughter is not appropriate.


Wendy Williams is one of them and she criticized Madonna in her talk show saying, “He is three years older than his daughter, Lourdes. They are all on vacation and there is an old grandmother who booed with a 25 year old woman. Here’s how I feel about stuff like that, because when I go out, I get the eyes of young boys. But there it is, it’s supposed to be a night stand if that – not a boyfriend. “

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