Magdalene Visaggio’s Revolutionary Pitch: Superboy’s Journey as a Trans Woman

SuperboyMagdalene Visaggio’s Big Plans for Superboy as Skyrocket

Magdalene Visaggio, an Eisner-nominated comic writer, has revealed a pitch for a Superboy story that explores the character’s identity as a trans woman.

Visaggio shared a detailed document in a Dropbox link on X (formerly Twitter), outlining her proposal to have Conner Kent, also known as Superboy, adopt the hero alias ‘Skyrocket.’ This new direction for the character would allow him to discover his own place in the DC universe while honoring his connection to Superman’s legacy. Visaggio expressed her love for Conner Kent and her desire to see him shine apart from Jon’s Superman Secundus. She described the pitch as a “master plan for a story that will never happen.”

Visaggio’s Big Plans for Superboy as Skyrocket

Visaggio’s story would take Superboy on a journey to the year 14,000, where he becomes Superman in a future that has forgotten about him. He would then return to the present and venture out to find his own Metropolis. This path leads him to a Kryptonian transformation chamber, where he transforms into Connie Kent. Visaggio believes that this transformation is as natural as Iceman’s coming out and compares it to the experiences of transgender individuals in real life. She argues that sending Conner on a quest for personal identity would allow him to discover himself outside of the burden of “legacy.”

Visaggio emphasizes the relevance of trans issues and their alignment with Superman’s values. She highlights the ongoing assault on trans rights and the need for trans heroes and representation. She asserts that Connie Kent/Skyrocket would become the most visible trans superhero and that this visibility could save lives and provide hope, which is what Superman stands for.

Magdalene Visaggio is well-known for her work on comics like Kim & Kim, Quantum Teens Are Go, and Vagrant Queen. She has received nominations for two Eisner Awards and three GLAAD Media Awards.

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