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Magnus Carlsen’s reaction to beating Alireza Firouzja underlines fiery fight for chess perch


Magnus Carlsen appears to notice the growing power of 16- year-old chess phenom Alireza Firouzja and the long-lasting risk Firouzja postures to his chess supremacy.

Their competition has actually blown up recently: No. 1 Carlsen directly edged Firouzja in a questionable World Blitz 2019 match in which his competing implicated him of unfaithful; Firzouzja returned the favor previously this month at the Small talk Blitz Cup prior to Carlsen beat him once again at the Magnus Carlsen Invitational on Monday.

Carlsen’s reaction to today’s success over No. 21 Firouzja– who still stays an action behind the world’s best general– supplied a check out the strength of an individually fight that might specify the coming years.

“Truth be told, I wanted to crush him today,” Carlsen stated in a postmatch interview. “A narrow win wouldn’t make up for the fact that I actually lost to the guy. . That fact that (I didn’t sweep him) pissed me off.”

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The World Blitz 2019 finish developed a level of displeasure in between Carlsen andFirouzja After Carlsen won through time, Firouzja implicated him of speaking under his breath as a method of interruption. Firouzja appealed the decision and video recorded him infuriated at his appeal being rejected.

“He was talking,” Firouzja firmly insisted to a judge. “He’s talking during the game. He’s saying something in Norwegian, I don’t know what he’s saying.”

Carlsen fell to Firouzja in the Small Talk Blitz Cup recently– a competition he was thought about a heavy favorite towin The final game of the match is thought about an instantaneous classic.

Carlsen’s 2.5-1.5 match win over Firouzja on Monday in the Magnus Carlsen Invitational restores his supremacy over Firouzja– for now. It’s a benefit he plainly appreciates beyond a one-off round robin competition win.

He’s no place near all set to deliver control of his perch atop the chess world, however Firouzja figures to be on an objective to chase him down.


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