Mahathir Mohamad is looking for a prime minister’s presidency at the age of 97

in an unexpected move; Former Prime Minister of Malaysia presented; Mahathir Muhammad, today, Saturday, presented the documents for his candidacy for the general election to a local government office in the city of Kuah, in a step that could pave the way for his return to the political arena, despite having reached the age of (97), which means he will have the opportunity to run the last race for the premiership seat, in the 19 election. November to defend his seat in parliament on the island of Langkawi.

Despite Mahathir’s absence from the scene and his disappearance for some time, he still enjoys public support, as dozens of supporters received him today with a back that appeared to be in good health despite his advanced age, and also showed his optimism about winning in what he told reporters after submitting his candidacy, stressing that he had a “good chance”, then mocked the rumors calling for his retirement, saying: “I’m still in walk away and talk to you, and I think I am giving reasonable answers ”.

Pointing out that his party will not form any alliance with parties led by “crooks or graduates in prison “, a clear reference to the United Malay National Organization, known by the acronym” AMNO “.