“Mahavinashkari Government Has Started My Indirect Harassment”

Kangana Ranaut Compares Her Situation To Aamir Khan Offending BJP In The Intolerance Row: “Mahavinashkari Government Has Started My Indirect Harassment” (Photo Credit: Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Actor Kangana Ranaut moved the Bombay high court on Monday seeking directions to the regional passport authority in Mumbai to renew her passport. The renewal had been denied by the local passport authority in Mumbai on the ground that she had an FIR registered against her by the Bandra police on charges of sedition.

To talk more about the entire incident, Kangana took to her Koo account to explain how the Maharashtra government has been trying to harass her indirectly by filing a false case on her.

Kangana Ranaut says, “The Mahavinashkari government (referring to the Maharashtra government) has started my indirect harassment again, my request for passport renewal has been rejected because a roadside romeo called Munawar Ali Sayed filed a sedition case on me by the way the case was almost dismissed by the court yet court rejected my request for passport and the reason given is ‘ my request is vague’’

Kangana Ranaut further also stated how when actor Aamir Khan had offended the BJP government back in the day his passport wasn’t held back nor were his shoots stopped.

“when Aamir Khan offended BJP government by calling India intolerant no one held back his passport to stop his films or shoots in no way he was stopped or harassed. But in my case, I am being harassed and due to my passport being held back I’m unable to travel anywhere.”

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