Mahdaoui .. Algeria’s chances of winning the Africa Cup are great

Algeria: Former Algerian national team coach Abdel Rahman Mahdaoui named “Desert Warriors” to win Africa Cup of Nations in course in Cameroon. This is the case of an interview conducted by Anatolia with Al-Mahdawi to determine the chances of the Algerian team to win the African Cup and preserve the title won in the previous edition at the expense of Senegal. At the beginning of his speech, Mahdawi said: “Logic says that the possibilities are great, but the Algerian team must remain steadfast to preserve the title.” Mahdaoui stressed that Algeria has many factors and ingredients to maintain the African crown, the most important of which are “the series of positive results that have reached 35 games without defeat, the spirit of the group and the new tactical style of coach Belmadi, the adaptation of the players to him and his possession of excellent active elements in Europe. “He added:” The session in course is an opportunity for the Greens and national coach Jamal Belmadi to prepare well in an intelligent and organized way, as well as psychologically, physically and tactically for the next matches of the World Cup (organized by Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022). “Why are the Greens faltering? The Algerian national team has launched the campaign to defend the own title in the 33rd edition of the African Cup in Cameroon, with a goalless draw against his counterpart Sierra Leone, in the competition of Group E, which also includes teams from Côte d’Ivoire (Côte d’Ivoire). ‘Ivory) and Equatorial Guinea. In this regard, he felt that the “Desert Warriors” stumble with Sierra Leone due to “the difficulty of preparation due to the delay of some players in the recent stalking. in Qatar, in addition to the lack of concentration and the intense heat and high humidity that obscured the game. “In his analysis of the opening meeting of the Greens, El-Mahdawi said:” The defensive block of the Sierra Leone team throughout the match he broke the plan for the transfer, distribution and control of the ball between Algerian players and weakened their effectiveness in front of goal. “He added:” During the second half, the Algerian team created many opportunities, but the players have not translated them in goals. “He explained:” The start of the Greens was not bad, just a mistake and the majority did not expect the result of a draw with Sierra Leone. “Al-Mahdawi, who has coached Algeria since 1997 to 1998, he stressed that “the team is in able to remedy the situation in the next two games against Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast. “Algeria will play in the second round, Sunday, with Equatorial Guinea, while the Ivory Coast will face Sierra Leone in the second round. Ivory is in lead the group standings after the champion in charge of Algeria drew, last Tuesday, without a goal with Sierra Leone. A message to the warriors, Mahdaoui, who won the 2015 Military World Cup with the Algerian military team, called the “warriors of the desert” to adapt to the various conditions of the tournament, both in terms of weather conditions and of referee errors that occur. As an example, he said: “The referee of the Tunisia-Mali match announced the end of the interview five minutes before the official date, then he retracted, completed the match and reset even in the 89th minute, without calculating the extra time. “He attributed this to the possibility that the referee was psychologically affected by the elevated temperature and humidity, as were the rest of the players on both teams. Who is the favorite to win the title? Mahdaoui named Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Senegal and the tournament organizer, Cameroon, as the most important candidates to win the title “thanks to the experience of these teams and the possession of excellent players active in the European championships “. Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations in the last 2019 edition, after defeating Senegal in a final played at the “Cairo International” stadium, with an unanswered goal. Algeria have raised their unbeaten streak to 35 games, equaling the success of Spain and Brazil, and two games from the draw. record registered in name of Italy (37 games without defeat). Algeria have not been defeated since losing to Benin in October 2018 (26 wins and 9 draws), during the Africa Cup qualifiers which won the title in 2019. Algeria had crowned their first Africa Cup of Nations on its soil in 1990, after defeating Nigeria 1-0, while losing its first final in 1980. (Anatolia)