Politics 'Make Iran Great Again!': Trump hits back after Khamenei's...

‘Make Iran Great Again!’: Trump hits back after Khamenei’s jibe


Soon after Trump’s tweet, Khamenei’s official English language account tweeted out that the U.S. federal government lies when stating it stands with the Iranian individuals.

” If you are standing by the Iranian ppl, it is only to stab them in the heart with your poisonous daggers. Naturally, you have so far failed to do so, & you will certainly continue to fail,” Khamenei’s account said.

Trump retweeted his response in both English and Farsi: “The noble people of Iran– who love America– deserve a government that’s more interested in assisting them achieve their dreams than eliminating them for requiring regard. Rather of leading Iran towards ruin, its leaders must desert fear and Make Iran Great Again!”

Soleimani’s death in a U.S. drone strike previously this month triggered a major escalation in between the United States and Iran, with the Iranian military launching ballistic rockets on an Iraqi base hosting U.S. forces. In preparation for a possible American counterstrike, Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet outside Tehran.

The downed jet– with many Iranian travelers– triggered aggravations to boil over in Iran and added to protests against the routine. Canada, the UK, Afghanistan, Sweden and Ukraine, whose citizens were among the victims, all pushed Thursday for Iran to pay compensation.

After seeing viral videos of Iranian protesters revealing deference toward the United States, including opting not to stroll on an American flag painted on a sidewalk, Trump took credit for what he identified as a newly found respect for the country. Iranian views on the United States often show a lot of the byzantine social divisions in the country, and lots of Iranians celebrated the thawing of relations between the 2 nations after the signing of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The Trump administration also imposed sanctions Friday on a senior Iranian general, Gen. Hassan Shahvarpour, for brutality against protesters last November that triggered nearly 150 deaths.

Khamenei stated the shooting of the plane was a “bitter mishap” which Iran’s foes used the crash to challenge the authority of the Islamic routine, according to the AP.

Khamenei even more added he hesitated to negotiate with the United States on restoring the Iran nuclear deal reached in 2015, though he might want to do so with European nations. Trump withdrew from the arrangement last spring and Iran has actually gradually rolled back its commitments under the agreement.

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