Making A Successful Android App: 7 Point Checklist

Are you looking to make an android app? You can’t just write some code and call it a day. To have a successful app, you need to have the right tools in place. In this article, we will cover seven steps that will help your application be successful and attract more users.

Making A Successful Android App 7 Point Checklist

7 Steps To Develop An Android App

Wanting to create an android app is only one small part of the entire process. You have to develop drive, direction, and a level of dedication as it’s not easy and there can be setbacks. You will need a team well versed in developing Android apps that can take your ideas from paper to reality. In researching what you should do you will come across a lot of information and it can be confusing. These seven steps will give you a clear direction on how to go about developing your android app from start to finish.

  • Step One: Research Your AudienceUnderstanding who your audience is and how they use the app will help you tailor it to them. You want users to see themselves in your app, so get as much information about what their needs are from developers or people in similar professions that can provide insight into this area. Understanding what motivates them will help you when it comes to choosing the right features and marketing techniques.
  • Step Two: Figure Out Your App’s PurposeKnowing what problem you are solving for the user or providing them with an incentive to use your app will help you choose the right features and make it more user-friendly.

    For example, if they needed an app for a grocery list that could sync with their favorite recipe website or store, then having quick access to those websites would be helpful. They might also need something like timers on certain recipes so they don’t have to fuss over an oven timer.

  • Step Three: Know Your MarketKnowing the competitive market for your app will help you set a price point and choose which features to include or remove from your list of requirements. Many other apps offer similar services, so it is important to know what they have to determine how your application will stand out.

    You want to have a unique selling point, so make sure your app is different from the others on the market for it to be truly successful. This can include anything from design and function up to content format or pricing model.

  • Step Four: Know Your CompetitorsIt is important to research other apps in your market so that you can figure out how yours might stand out. There are many ways to do this, such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store reviews and ratings, but you can also take a look at the app itself on your phone if it is available for download.
  • Step Five: DebuggingDebugging is a very important step in the process of app design because it will help you identify and fix errors as they arise. This can be done by testing different functions on your phone or by using software to simulate certain actions that might take place while someone’s using the application.

    It might take a few tries to get everything running properly, but your app must work on all platforms and devices. You want the end-user experience to be just as good as what you would have if they were using it in person.

  • Step Six: DesignDesigning an app can be a difficult process because there are many different aspects to consider. The more time spent on this step, the better off it will be in the end because making sure everything looks good and works how it should make for a better user experience.

    There are many different design types to consider, such as responsive web design versus native application with an icon and some of the other things that people might be familiar with on their phones today. Think about what type would work best so you can create something eye-catching instead of boring or confusing your users.

  • Step Seven: SubmissionThe last step of the process is to submit your app so it can be available for download. This might seem like a simple task, but there are some things you will want to consider before sending it off. You should have an overview that includes what type of design and other features were created, as well as how it will be distributed.

    This is also the time to decide on a price point for your app and what type of rating you would like to receive from Apple or Google Play users.

Android App Development

If you are looking to create a successful Android App, the 7 steps listed in this article will help you get started. From understanding your competitors and making them work for you instead of against them, to debugging errors that arise during design, these steps should be considered before sending an app off into cyberspace. The last step is to submit it so people can download it – but don’t forget about pricing or other factors!

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